May 11th, 2022

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe While Hiking in Great Barrington, MA

Both natural beauty and fun activities make up the Great Barrington area. Dining, cycling, golfing, and rafting is all popular outdoor activities in the area, but our absolute favorite is hiking. Dog-friendly and homey, the Briarcliff Motel is just minutes away from all the best hikes in the area. With your pup by your side, you can explore the area on hikes that vary in difficulty, terrain, and the best views. But, safely hiking with your dog is no joke. When it comes time to hit the trails with your pooch, keep in mind some of the following tips to ensure you both stay healthy, safe, and happy in Great Barrington, MA. 

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Check the WeatherJack Russel dog running in the grass 

Start your day of hiking trails with your dog by checking in on what Mother Nature has in store for you. This one seems obvious, but when you’re planning to commit to a day-long activity with no shelter in sight, the weather forecast is important. 

Once you’ve done your research, plan accordingly for yourself and your pup. If it’s going to be overly sunny, pack sunscreen for yourself and extra water for your dog. If it has rained recently and you think the trails might be muddy, bring dog booties to protect your puppy’s paws. If it’s supposed to thunderstorm, search for some other pet-friendly Berkshires activities indoors.  

Choose a Pet-Friendly Trail 

Be sure to do your research before you go. The trail you choose must allow dogs. Though many trails do, don’t assume that your pet is welcome there without checking online or with another trusted source. Also, keep in mind that the trail you pick should be in line with your skill level as well as your pet’s. Consider the rockiness of the terrain, the presence of boulders, the trail material, and the possibility of river crossings or tight spaces. 

Once you’ve made your trail selection, always obey trail etiquette. We suggest you abide by the National Park Service’s B.A.R.K. ranger rules

Bag your pet’s waste 

Always leash your pet 

Respect wildlife 

Know where you can go 

Additionally, ensure that your dog is trained to obey your simple commands so that your pup stays safely by your side and doesn’t harm another person, pet, or part of wildlife. 

Bring a First Aid Kit 

Whenever you’re exploring nature, you should always have a first aid kit handy! Be sure to include materials for both you and your pet. Consider adding in pet aspirin, bandaids, tweezers, an extra leash, additional poop bags, and a soft ankle wrap or brace. Though you may think you’ll never use it, this kit will be essential in a time of need. 

Pack Food and Water

Just like you, your dog will get hungry and thirsty from their day of exercising. Keep them hydrated and full of energy by bringing them a water bottle, a bowl, and snacks. This is extremely important because dehydration in dogs can be very serious. Stop frequently to allow them to drink some water if they wish. 

Keep Your Dog Leashed 

On most trails, you must leash your dog for the duration of the hike. In addition to keeping your dog leashed, be sure that they also have proper identification on them in case they accidentally escape. This can be in the form of tags on their collar or a microchip. You could also invest in a collar-tracking device if your pup is prone to straying a bit too far. 

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