March 25th, 2022

5 Outdoor Areas to Bring Your Pet in Great Barrington

If you’re anything like us, you bring your pooch everywhere. At Briarcliff Motel, we welcome that pup-shaped shadow of yours. There is so much fun to be had together in Great Barrington this summer, and now that you know the perfect place to stay with your bestie, here’s what you can do together in the area. 

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barrington brewery and restaurant

Source: Barrington Brewery

1. Dine: Barrington Brewery

If you’re looking for some great outdoor dining in Great Barrington, grab your pup and head to Barrington Brewery. They’re known to allow dogs in the outdoor beer garden area in the summer, but just to be sure, we suggest you call ahead. This local eatery is all about the environment and preservation, featuring solar-brewed craft beer and sustainable recycling practices. From raspberry ales to English-style IPAs, this pet-friendly dining locale in Great Barrington has a drink list that is sure to surprise and impress. Enjoy some pub-inspired cuisine with a beer in your hand and your best friend by your side—talk about an ideal weekend! 

2. Walk: Hickey, Peeskawso, and Mohican Mountain Loop

The Great Barrington area in the warmer months is perfect for all things outdoors—bird watching, sun meditating, biking, and more. But our favorite activity by far is hiking, because we can bring our dogs! The Hickey, Peeskawso, and Mohican Mountain Loop is a wonderful Great Barrington hike for pups that crave a more leisurely adventure. Noted as being ranked ‘easy,’ this 2.6-mile journey takes an average of 1.5 hours and is open year-round. We suggest visiting April through October for the best weather for you and your dog.  

3. Hike: Flag Rock Trail

For more energetic and adventurous dogs and pet parents, this 3.9-mile hike serves up awe-inspiring views at the end of the challenge. Leashed dogs are always welcome on this trail that is sure to get your blood pumping—what better way to celebrate newly warm weather this season? Soak in some vitamin D at 797 feet while bonding with your pooch on Flag Rock Trail. 

2022 Winter snowshoe at Housatonic Flats

Source: Great Barrington Land Conservancy

4. Explore: Lake Mansfield Park

This beautiful Great Barrington park features a 29-acre pond and 29-acre adjacent conservation forest making it the perfect natural community space for walking, hiking, picnicking, swimming, and exploring. With sandy beachfront, grassy picnic areas, forest hills, and river trails, you and your dog can pack in a full day of fun. Your pup will definitely be tuckered out after a day of exploring all that Lake Mansfield Park in Great Barrington has to offer. 

the bookloft

Source: The Bookloft

5. Relax: The Bookloft

If the clouds are out to play or you’re just seeking a bit of a retreat, this intimate bookstore is the perfect place to let your furry friend help you pick out your next adventure. Leashed dogs are welcome to come along as you explore their wide selection of books and hand-picked recommendations. Once you find a book you love, take a seat and dive in. With your beloved pup by your side and a great new book in your hand, we know you’ll feel relaxed in no time. 

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