October 17th, 2022

The Best Lunch Spots to Hit Around Great Barrington

Calling all foodies! Lunch in Great Barrington is more than a way to refuel at noon—these local hot spots have made the midday meal into an experience. This picturesque destination knows that delicious pairs perfectly with small-town charm. Here’s our list of top lunch spots for you to check out in Great Barrington. 

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Baba Louie’s Pizza 

As soon as you set foot in this joint, the magical combination of garlic, sourdough, and mozzarella will awaken your senses. If you’re looking to go straight classic, order Our Queen Margherita Baba Louie’s Classic Cheese Pizza, but if you want a fresh take go with Riccardo’s Pizza Famosa. It features tomato sauce, chevre, sun-dried tomatoes, asiago, kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic, basil, and parmesan on top. With indoor and outdoor dining, this local fave is a hit all year around. 

Marjoram + Roux

The best way to describe Marjoram + Roux is charmingly quaint with elevated cuisine. Not only do they dish out a full breakfast and lunch menu, but they also serve tea, coffee, pastries, and chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth. From locally-sourced winter fruit bowls to pear, brie, and fig jam sandwiches, this wellness-focused cafe is the perfect place to grab a quick bite or savor a filling meal. 

STEAM Noodle Cafe

STEAM in Great Barrington believes that community is key. This is why they make their noodles in-house and locally source ingredients like meats and fresh veggies. The result is a dish that you’re guaranteed to fall more in love with the deeper you dive in. With an abundance of vegan options and an array of appetizers, you’ll never go hungry if you choose STEAM Noodle Cafe. 

The Bistro Box

Don’t be deceived by the looks of The Bistro Box—this charming little shack is a definite local fave. This mobile food business started in 2010 when they served up fresh food at arts and crafts shows, music festivals, and farmers’ markets. In 2014, the founders returned to their roots and settled in Great Barrington to dish up classic shack favorites and cafe fare. Here, you’ll find a lively group of people in a quaint outdoor space celebrating their love for great food, community, and live music.  

Marketplace Kitchen Table 

Before even taking a bite, Marketplace Hospitality will put a smile on your face. The four chefs and their team create a caring and respectful environment by being warm, welcoming, and genuine. Their passion is creating stunning combinations of locally sourced food for people like you to enjoy. When you’re sure to leave happier than when you arrived, is there any better way to start your day?

Stay at Briarcliff Motel 

From local faves to international cuisine, our favorite small town has something for everyone. So go ahead: sleep in late, wake up slowly, then set out for some lunch or brunch before you explore the mountains, main street, or local parks. Everything you need is nearby when you book your stay at the Briarcliff Motel