October 8th, 2021

The Convenience of Our Motel When It Comes to Your Pet

picture of the dogs at the pet friendly motel in the berkshires

An escape to the Berkshires is all about outdoor adventure and new experiences. Not only is the endless nature fun for you, but your furry friend can also have a great time exploring the Berkshires by your side.

Let’s take a close look at how to find pet-friendly Berkshire motels and some of the benefits of taking your four-legged family member on your next getaway.

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How Pet-Friendly is The Berkshires?

When you bring your pet on vacation, you want to ensure that you can do as much as possible with them. Luckily, the Berkshires is one of the most pet-friendly areas in the state. Along with the hundreds of miles of trails that your furry friend will love to roam, the downtown areas are also incredibly welcoming to pets.

On a stroll through town, you’ll likely see complimentary bowls of drinking water for your dog to enjoy and many store owners have a stash of biscuits to give out to four-legged patrons. A variety of restaurants and cafes in the area also offer patio seating, so you can still be with your pup as you enjoy your meal.

And in terms of accommodations, there are a few pet-friendly motels in the region, including The Briarcliff Motel.

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet on Vacation

Beyond the fact that bringing your pet on vacation means you have a built-in friend during your adventures, there are also other benefits to having your furry friend join you on your trip to the Berkshires.

It’s Safe: If you want to explore the woodlands the Berkshires are known for, having your loyal companion by your side can instantly make you more comfortable on your trip.

It’s Affordable: When you vacation without your pet, you likely have to pay to have him or her at a pet resort or hire a pet sitter. Both of these options are by no means cheap. But when you stay at a pet-friendly motel in the Berkshires, you’re usually only paying for your accommodation! 

*At The Briarcliff Motel, there are no pet fees.

It’s Relaxing: When your pet is boarded for the week or weekend you’re away, you’re no doubt worried about their well-being. However, with your furry friend with you on your trip, there’s no question that they are taken care of so you can truly relax and unwind.

It’s a Bonding Experience: Traveling with your pup is the ultimate bonding experience. A trip to the Berkshires is a break from routine and allows you to spend quality time with your pet in a new setting. Whether it’s taking a hike or trying a new restaurant or dog park, an adventure of this nature strengthens the bond you have with your furry family member.

Ready to plan your next vacation with your pet? Consider The Briarcliff Motel, the Berkshires most pet-friendly accommodations!

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