March 16th, 2022

Motel vs Hotel: What to Expect During Your Stay at Briarcliff

While hotels and motels aren’t synonyms, the differences really depend on what you are seeking in your stay. To assess which one is ideal in every situation, take note of your budget, planned activities and length of stay. Read on to learn more about the motel vs hotel difference and which one you should book for your next vacay. 

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What’s the difference between a hotel vs a motel?

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Hotels by definition provide housing, meals, and standard services such as room service, valet parking, and access to special event spaces. In terms of architecture, hotels normally contain many floors with stairs and elevators to connect the different levels of rooms. They also typically have additional amenities like a fitness center, aquatic areas, and a restaurant or lounge dining areas, though some motels also provide these facilities. Because of the additional services that a hotel offers, the space allows for a longer period of stay which naturally comes with a more lavish bill. 

The term ‘motel’ originates from blending the word ‘motor’ with ‘hotel’ and, as you can guess, materialized much later than hotels as a place to stop along the highway. But, over time, the idea of motels has evolved to become more of a boutique and local option. Briarcliff Motel takes the typical idea of a motel room and gives it a 5-star makeover. With a “retro lodge feel,” this motel features 16 guestrooms that all have their own individual personality. 

How is the Briarcliff Motel Different?

As soon as you arrive, you’ll meet Rhonda, the Innkeeper. Her personalized service and caring nature will make you feel right at home. You’ll find that everything about Briarcliff encourages community as it has a lobby space for meet-ups, outdoor fire-pit for socializing (with complimentary s’mores upon request), dining area with a charming refectory table, large outdoor spaces for events, and scheduled group hikes on nearby Monument Mountain. With year round access to the heated outdoor pool and hot tub just down the street at sister property Red Lion Inn, your vacation will be just as relaxing as it is exciting. And when you think it can’t get any better: Briarcliff is completely pet-friendly lodging (really, we love animals—absolutely no pet fee here!) and they may even get featured on our ‘Dogs of the Briarcliff’ wall. 

Berkshire, MA motels aren’t hard to come by, but you’ll find that there aren’t any like this one. So go out and explore the great outdoors, rich culture, and flavorful food and drink that the Berkshires have to offer and when you return the board games, flowers and veggie picking garden, and plush-top mattresses of Briarcliff will be waiting for you. 

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Briarcliff Motel is truly reimagining the way America does motels as it keeps the amazing aspects of a typical motel (think: affordability and convenience) and combines them with the warmth and hospitality of your own home. Ready to explore Great Barrington? Book here.