April 25th, 2022

Five of the Best Waterfalls in the Berkshires

Ready to get outdoors and adventure this spring? While winter is welcome when you’re looking to cozy up and relax by the fire, spring brings a sense of excitement and renewal. We gladly embrace this seasonal change as we are ready to explore the outdoors! Lucky for us at Briarcliff Motel, April showers bring awesome waterfalls around the Berkshires. Book your stay at our welcoming and modern retro motor lodge to experience this spring revival.

Campbell Falls 

Stretching from Massachusetts into Connecticut, Campbell Falls State Park features the Whiting River as it falls 100 feet in Massachusetts before entering Connecticut. Hiking, stream fishing, and studying the complex geology of the area are popular activities. Leash up your pup and lace up your hiking boots for a day of adventure and stellar views on this trail.  

Bash Bish Falls 

If you’re looking to go big, explore Bash Bish Falls State Park. With the highest waterfall in Massachusetts, this trip is sure to inspire awe as you watch the white water of Bash Bish Brook drop 80 feet into the emerald calm of the rock-lined pool below. 

Hiking is required to get to the falls. You can choose one of two options depending on your ability: from the Massachusetts parking lot, you’re posed with a more difficult, but shorter round trip of 0.6 miles. From the New York parking lot, you’re in for more of a moderate hike of 1.5 miles round trip. While this option is longer, it’s also more gradual. Both routes are a bit rugged and rocky. You can also fish in the base pool here, though you need a Massachusetts fishing permit. Bring your leashed dog anytime to this park between sunrise and dusk. 

Wahconah Falls 

The experience at Wahconah Falls State Park is like your favorite book series: each individual piece comes together for a shocking finish. The Wahconah Falls brook flows over many small falls before rushing over (especially in the springtime) a dramatic 40-foot waterfall nestled in the northern hardwood forest. If you’re in search of beautiful views, walk the 0.5 mile loop along the upper falls. Picnic, fish, or simply relax from sunrise to sunset. 

March Cataract Falls

Mt. Greylock State Reservation is home to the 30-foot March Cataract Falls of northwestern Massachusetts. While this waterfall can nearly run dry in the summer months, it is stunning in the spring months when snow runoff is at its peak. The trail allows you to come within inches of the falls for a true experience of excitement and beauty. 

Umpachene Falls

This easy 0.3 mile hike offers a quick reward. This is a bit more of an exclusive park as you must be a New Marlborough resident, a guest of one, or willing to politely ask the groundskeeper to let you in. But once you’re in, the Umpachene Falls promises delightful fun. Many guests enjoy swimming in the pools of the falls and the Konkapot River. There are also tables and swings ready for a picnic and for your little ones to enjoy. 

Soak in Spring at Briarcliff Motel 

Now that you’re in the know, put your knowledge to good use! Stay close to the action at the Briarcliff Motel so that you’re ready to unearth the beauty of the best waterfalls in the Berkshires with the morning dew. Book your spring stay with us today.